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~Free Consultation~ ~Servicing Arizona~ ~Coordinate Out-of-State Moves~

We offer our services to everyone, not just the senior community. Whether you're transitioning within your home or to a new one, by choice or circumstance, we can help.

  • Coordinate moving needs from utilities to moving vans.

  • Assist in decision making of what to keep and not to keep.

  • Pack and sort.

  • Downsize/De-clutter.

  • Unpack and set up new residence.

  • Furniture placement design.

  • Newly organized roomDecorate new home.

  • Locate new residence.

  • Estate sales/dispersal/

  • Home safety modification (assistive devices & room redesign).

  • Arrange for estate sale and/or donations.

  • Prepare property for selling.

  • Ship items.

  • Contact antique dealers, auction houses and/or charitable organizations.

  • Provide resources for a wide variety of other services, such as: realtors, mini-storage facilities, in-home medical and non-medical help, etc.

  • Inventories (written & photographed)

  • And much more...just ask!


TSS team members prep for an estate sale Eatate Sale
TSS team members prep for an estate sale.

Estate items on display
for sale.

Estate Sale TSS team members prep for an estate sale
Estate items on display
for sale.

Estate items on display
for sale.

before and after TSS Arizona move
We can help you organize your bedroom
TSS Arizona will help you declutter and organize your kitchen
TSS Arizona makes relocating to your new home easy!
We can help declutter your home
Arizona TSS Team

Happy Client testimonial
One of the TSS teams with Arizona Moving Company team - ready to make your move easy!!!

Call us today for a free consultation. Our fees are based on an hourly rate and a retainer is required at time of scheduling. We are bonded and insured.


With just ONE call, you can relax and leave the details to us.

A relaxed TSS client.


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