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About Us

TSS (Transition Services & Solutions) is a bonded and insured company started in 2006 by Diane and a good friend. They recognized the need for such services as offered by TSS when they worked together at a retirement community

The issues and concerns that our elders face when lifestyle changes are necessary became apparent and identifying the need and the solution and the ability to provide excellent service became the goal of TSS.

Whether transitioning within a home or to a new one, TSS can help. It can be stressful for the client and family alike when the time comes to make a change and sort through years of accumulated items. We are aware that these items are a combination of family history, dreams, potential projects and mountains of memories from years gone by. Letting go of belongings can, and most likely will, create a lot of emotions. As a neutral party, TSS can assist with this decision-making process with integrity and compassion. Many elders often delay a decision to move or downsize because they are overwhelmed at the thought and don't know where to begin. Our goal is to relieve their stress and fear by providing a service that will address those needs from start to finish. As senior move managers, we can assist with sorting, downsizing, de-cluttering, packing, unpacking, and setting up closets/cabinets and decorating. We can also refer many other services, such as: in-home care, pre-planning estate needs and a myriad of other services.

Too often our elders are taken advantage of in one way or another; this truly angers us and therefore our purpose is to provide an honest, compassionate and professional service. We work closely with the client and their family as well as with needed services to see that everyone’s wishes and needs are met with integrity and efficiency. We can see the transition through from beginning to end and help to ensure that lifestyle changes are pleasurable and stress-free.

Helpfully yours,

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide honest, compassionate and professional services encompassing all the needs of an individual.

We help to ensure that your life-style changes are pleasurable and stress-free and make change easy for you.



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